Saturday, June 21, 2014


We've seen some amazing music this week!
One of our favourite bands ever, The Mae Trio, played in Brunswick at The Spotted Mallard on Thursday night, joined by the Wise sisters and their amazing mum Louisa Wise. It was an inspiration! The Mae Trio are so very special! Their songs seem perfect. The harmonies, the unique rich quality of each of their voices, Anita's cello, the spangly folk-sequin dress, the banjo love (we love Maggie's new "Mr Moon" song).
And the Wise sisters Rowie and Lucy and Louisa their mum! We are a bit in love with Rowena Wise's songs! She sang a song she wrote when she was 14 which struck a chord, naturally!
Here's her more recent song, Hollow Hearts:

The other lovely thing about The Mae Trio and The Wise ladies if that they are family bands, like ours!  There's something pretty cool about being able to rehearse at home whenever you want! We've been practicing our harmonies since we were really little, like every bath time when we were little right up until today, making scrambled eggs together!

We also saw Michael Johnson, our dear friend who produced our EP "Home" in April/May launch his own CD "Wind Through The Strings" at the exquisite St Michael's Church in Melbourne. His music is so transporting, and he had a seriously killer band with Evri (our dear sound engineer for "Home") on his six string electric bass , Matthew Arnold (violin) and Michael Canolon (cello).
Congratulations Mike!

Also, the Clare Bowditch Winter secrets Comp is still running. Though we've received 176 votes to date, there's some tough and excellent competition! Clare gave the heads up on our video on her Facebook page. Thanks Clare!
Post by Clare Bowditch.

We are rehearsing for the up coming gig  at The Owl and The Pussycat in Richmond with our mum's band Dear Cedar. There may even be a bit of collaboration between the bands!

And finally!! We sent off the CD master this week!! Leaps of excitement!
photo by Mara Ripani