Thursday, April 14, 2016

Second Album!

Exciting times here in Finchland

We are in the middle of recording our second album. Thanks to a grant from the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program we have been able to work with an amazing producer by the name of Nick Huggins. He has worked with lots of Melbourne musicians who we love, including Rowena Wise, James Kenyon and Domini Forster. It's been two years since we recorded "Home" and we have written so many new songs. We are also excited about having more time to record strings, piano and even a touch of Banjo (Ivy's newest love!!).

We are about to start work on the album artwork with an amazing young local photographer named Emma McEvoy. Check her our here!
To help us fund the artwork and actually pressing of CDs we are running a crowdfunding campaign on POZIBLE.    Here's the link here: 
or you can click on the image in the side bar on the top right of this blog.
 the little movie we made for it featuring cameos by our little bro Percy and our mum.

And here's Ivy frying an egg for Mabel to smother in chilli sauce in the video!

And, as is the way with independent musicians, we are simultaneous producing a music video for what may be the first single on our album, "Lost Girl". We travelled up into Mallee country past Mildura, (actually into NSW just over the Murray) and found some astounding sand hills.

and finally, we had the utter pleasure of going into the ABC radio studios and recording a song with Clare Bowditch. She asked us to choose a well known song for us to sing together. We chose Simon and Garfunkel's "El Condor Pasa" or that song about rather being a sparrow than a snail! We were inspired by the version our mum always plays on her favourite album of mainly murder ballads by the Wainwright sisters. It was such a treat to sing with Clare around one microphone in three part harmonies, and Ivy got to strum the banjo which made her smile a LOT!
You can listen here:

xx Mabel and Ivy