Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Spring is a busy time for finches...

We launched our debut EP "Home" on the 23rd August at the Northcote Uniting church!
It was as perfect an CD launch as we could ever have imagined. The church filled with the most wonderful audience: family, friends, new fans, authentic "punters" taking a chance on a couple of school-aged songstresses....the result was a magical atmosphere we will never forget.
photo by Peter Cahill

As you can see, the Northcote Uniting Church is a very special place to have a concert. It's very  beautiful, has incredible acoustics and is in the middle of the Northcote live music hub. 
We were so lucky to have one of our all time favourite musicians as our support act! Domini Forster enchanted everyone with her glorious angelic voice and incredible songs.  It was also very special because Dom has seen us progress from busking outside the veggie shop where she sometimes works to launching our own EP, and has been encouraging and supportive all the way. Having mentors and meeting musicians who inspire you is a huge part of developing as a young artist.

photo by Peter Cahill
In the photo above we are playing "Home" with Domini on glockenspiel and Mabel's most excellent cello teacher Vince Ward. What a band! And below we are taking a bow, looking very, very pleased and excited! Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all those who came along,  our family and friends for all their support, our Pozible supporters and of course to Michael Johnson and Evripedes Evripidou for helping us make such a beautiful debut EP!

photo by Peter Cahill

and now....on to making video clips!

In September we were awarded a Grand Grant from Deakin Uni's Arts Participation Incubator to make a video clip for the title track of our EP, "Home". We chose this song because there is a lot of interesting imagery and it's dreamy! Here's us singing at the awards night at the Sofitel in Melbourne.
The first step in this project was visiting two classrooms at Collingwood College and Thornbury Primary School in order to perform our song and inspire drawings to use in the film clip. The drawings surpassed our expectations completely! Check out this photo!

Then we planned the shoot! Our lovely filmographer/animator, Kim Deylen (who we found through Umbershoot in Preston)  enrolled cinematographer  James Alexander (who is actually a unicorn: the photos will explain all!) and they found the perfect beach for our needs. We had the challenge of procuring a row boat and ended up making one with a fridge box, tape, glue, newspaper and paint!

Voila! The perfect Owl and Pussycat style pea-green boat, wouldn't you agree?

Sunday morning we headed off to the perfect wild Victorian beach for filming! Hooray!
Lucky we had plenty of hands (thanks Mike and Erin) to cart the props and instruments over the dunes.

getting tips from director Kim Deylen

note James has a unicorn hairstyle

Think we'll stop there so the video clip has a few surprises in it!